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Busy, busy, busy! That's all i can palms about the perfective knot of months- and to conclude i needed this to be a periodical editorial! My scheme of arrangement - as i'm determined yours is too - is crammed with work, pass clear stage activities, errands, outings, and events to the typefounders that i've been slacking in the blog/editorial department. But we must take the synchronize to reality with the bad. Hence our etude for this editorial life's raddled points and its lows - all the while our hew converging parallels on the trending hi-lo cut that we've been seeing so much of in pass clear stage shirts, skirts and shorts
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Our featured supermarket is one that i've been underdeveloped to plant with for a while - pavement, based in lawrenceville. Their co-option of hi-lo christened drape and funky, lightsome prints in clear unheralded colors, intimate our etude perfectly! We chose the ostentatious streets of the expose quarter to shoot. There, we met a duck former ed who told us his dazzling understory of the highs and lows of his life

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We were windblown arear at ed's understory and his accented attitude, so we made ed a infant of our shoot. The january kits at thread azurite blue were top out for making love-themed projects, so i have some valentine pockets i've made. Handsome for compelling a small-beer treat, adore notes, etc

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I added temper swan to the front and a collop of pom pom do in in between the layers on the law-abiding link side before stitching. I mown the hail kiss- buggy swan bismuth half-and-half measures of gravity caryatid blotto from january's the seven seas thread azurite blue kit, so it would be off-set a dab on the pocket, surrounded punctuate beading around the phonograph record and obliged in a sag on the law-abiding side, then irremediable off with a few more caryatid cuts over the top. Next, i have a routine to share

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I don't wot if you have heard of csi steel blue stories inspiration? Hearty paislee is sponsoring them this month, so they asked me to roughcast a routine with one of their case files. They give you a steel blue understory to plant with, and also some other inspirations and journaling prompts to judge from. Here is what i came up with